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icons never looked so good.

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Welcome to paparazzism, the home for the icons, graphics, and everything else related of kashaspokerface and lalita000. We are currently looking for iconmakers so that the place isn't so lonely. Every single graphic that is on this community is 100% original and has gone through some serious processes of creativity. Our makers are highly creative and know their way around their programs. Sometimes, we'll even take requests for you.

Happen to like what you see? Then COMMENT on our entries, tell us what you like and stuff. It just makes our lives better to know that the people we do icons for actually like them.

If you're taking anything from any post, please CREDITthe maker. Sometimes they have specific instructions on how to credit so make sure you read and follow them.

DON'T STEAL. It's tacky and stupid and no one likes people who do.

NO DRAMA. just...don't.

And, if you like our stuff, ENJOY AND SHARE WITH PEOPLE YOU LOVE! ...without hotlinking, of course.